Hello and thanks for reading!

I’m a thirty-something-something mother-of-three, sometime writer, part-time lawyer, avid Remainer (although I don’t usually blog about politics other than to say that naturally #lovetrumpshate), apron-wearer and person-who-uses-too-many-hyphens.

I have a four year old daughter who started reception at our wonderful local school in September 2016 and two little boys Рa manic, loving and cheeky nearly three year old and a monkeyish one year old.

In June 2016 I was feeling uncreative and wanted a way to get back into writing after having my third child. I had been writing a biography of my great-grandmother who was a missionary in Burma with her husband, but it felt too tough to get started again, particularly with a fuzzy baby-brain. She wrote every day and, reading her letters, I realised that for her it was a brilliant way to get things off her chest. So I started this blog in June 2016 as a more informal way to write about things I know about, things that are close to my heart and just the slightly mad things that swirl around my head all day and which would drive me even more crazy if I couldn’t get them down on paper (or on screen).

There’s definitely a generational theme to this blog – how things were for our parents and grandparents and how things are now. That wasn’t planned but it turns out that that is what I have ended up writing about. And rather than use photos of my own children, I use pictures from my own childhood, or even family photos before my time. It’s just a good excuse to go through the old family albums.

Many thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy it.

Tabitha x
December 2016